Having messed with blogspot, xanga, livejournal and every other conceivable blogging platform since I first knew about them, I came to the conclusion that it is formality that keeps a blog going, at least for myself. At the start of every blog I tell myself it will be simple- I will only post writing that has been polished. More often than not their demise is due to a lethargy in maintaining standards. Now, I cannot help but cringe looking back at old LJ/ XG posts.

After looking at several very impressive WordPress blogs owned by other fellow Hong Kong peers I told myself I can do something like that too, and quickly got inspired. The purpose of this blog is not to prove myself or anything but to, in a weary sort of way, attempt to do some justice for my passion in writing. I like dabbling in prose and occasionally poetry, and some of the things posted here are merely reorganisations of chaotic thoughts that plague my other sites.

Hope you enjoy your time here. – 2011

~ update ~

You know what, I don’t really care any more. It seems inevitable that I will grow to dislike old writing when enough time has elapsed. (“You hear that Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability.”) Sometimes it is a relief just to let something out. – 2016