For a few moments as Bruce Willis blasted brawny villains out of the screen, I did imagine her leaning on my shoulder, snuggling up beside me as we submerged ourselves in the hardcore gunfire of Die Hard 5. It was exhilarating. The distance between us felt almost solid; we knew how close we were, physically. For a couple more moments I even let my imagination take full flight (why not, Bruce Willis had just maneuvered an impossible escape involving a burning helicopter) where I would lean down, and our lips would meet. Gentle, but full of promise for better things to come. Wonderful explosions in the background. Nearly there – it would take so little. We were so aware of it, yet neither of us gave any indication, perhaps we were both too timid, or too engrossed in our own fantasies, knowing that reality would never get as vivid as the brilliant hues of our imagination.

Thus we stayed that way, with our heads cocked in our own comfortable angles, even though we knew that the best comfort comes from one another’s arms. Too quickly, the film had ended, Bruce Willis had succeeded, and we headed out into the stark sunlight, dreams evaporating into thin air together with our disappointed sighs.